Dear valued partner:

Tierra Del Sol Housing Corporation is celebrating! This year April 27, 2023 Tierra Del Sol had a 50th Anniversary which we intend to celebrate throughout the year.  We intend to have a kickoff dinner November 17th to start our celebration by thanking all our funders, our associates private, federal, state and local governments, stakeholders, board of directors, our vendors, our staff, our clients and community.  You all have made these 50 wonderful years a success for Tierra Del Sol Housing Corporation. You have allowed us to provide single and multifamily housing services and more to our farm workers, our senior citizens and low income families.  

The Board of Directors of Tierra Del Sol Housing Corporation will celebrate November 17th at Hotel Encanto  at 6:00pm.  We’ll have food, mariachi music, orchestra music, presentations and a special amazing presentation.  Invitation required for entry. 

Our second event is on November 18th celebrating 36 families who will be receiving keys for their new home which they have built through our Self Help Program. Join us for a special presentation, mariachi music, food, door prizes and  more. Invitation required for entry. 

Of course, we also accept grants, donations that would make a difference to make our events a success. We hope we can touch your heart once more and join us or to award us a grant or make a donation.  You can call us at 575-640-1639, 575-640-1565, 575-416-7993 or our main line 575-541-0477 for any question you might have or information you might need.


Let’s celebrate 50 wonderful years!

The 50th Anniversary Committee